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Discourse on Islam or Dispositif of Statements and Object: The case of the Islamic religious and cultural centre

The article deals with the notion of dispositif, which consists of discursive and non-discursive phenomena, of enouncements and objects. The article shows how the Islamic religious-cultural centre (IVKC) works as a dispositif, formed by enouncements mediated thorugh the public media and the architectural design of the centre to be built in Ljubljana. The first part of the analysis focuses on the level of enouncements transmitted by the Slovenian public media in two time periods – i.e. 2003–2008, and partly in 2009. The authors claim that the arguments against IVKC are grounded in essentialist assumptions and upgraded by the phantasmatic threat of Islam as well as by its mystification. In the second part, the authors focus on the analysis of the architectural solutions of IVKC itself and show how the level of enouncements complements the material/architectural level. Indeed, as much as the enouncements mystify Islam and see the minaret as a conqueror of the Slovenian territory, to the same extent the architecture of IVKC demystifies and castrates. By introducing the notion of transparency and of public areas, by lowering the minaret and incorporating a »modern Western architectural style«, the authors claim that IVKC works less as an Islamic religious and cultural facility and more as a self-normalizing institution.


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Issue No. 251 - ¡No pasarán!: Notes from AntiFa Seminar
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2013 , volume volume 41 , issue issue 251
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