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Historical Overview and Relevance of the Smangus Indigenous Ecovillage in Taiwan

Smangus is an eco-village in Taiwan that has recently been recognized in academic circles as an indigenous Christian anarchist community. Within its conditions of Christianity, remnants of colonizing regimes from the past, shamanism, animism and the modern capitalist state, Smangus presents a specificity within which the indigenous peoples adapted to certain changes for the sake of preserving their living environment on the one hand, but preserved some social conventions on the other. In order to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the conditions for the establishment and development of the so-called indigenous Christian »eco-anarchist« community in Taiwan, we added semi-structured interviews with representatives of this indigenous people to the literature analysis, with the aim to provide an overview of the history and current affairs of this community in the light of global socio-political organization against exploitation and oppression, and in the direction of building alternative community politics.


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Issue No. 287 - A Journey for Life = La gira por la vida
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
2022 , volume volume 50 , issue issue 287
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